Tuesday, 3 May 2016

What To Make With Jersey Yarn

I always get so overwhelmed whenever I go shopping for fabric or crafty supplies and always end up buying stuff that I think looks great but have no idea what to do with it. This was exactly the case with jersey yarn! So I thought I would put together a little post about my favourite projects that use jersey yarn. Enjoy!

1. Macrame: This is my absolutely fave thing to do at the minute. The photos above are from a workshop that was hosted by Stitch Up in Leeds that I had the pleasure of helping with. We showed the lovely group how to make neon plant hangers using basic macrame techniques. They turned out so well and now I just want to make them all the time. If you are not aware of the work of Jen at Stitch Up, please go and check them out! They teach craft and yarn based skills to the masses and spread the crafty love. It's an amazing organisation and one that I love being part of. If you are around in Yorkshire and want to get involved head over to the Stitch Up twitter page to find out more.

2. Jersey Baskets: I tried out the Zpagetti yarn from LoveKnitting by making some nesting baskets. They were really easy and crocheted up nice and quickly. There are loads of free patterns online for these and just use basic stitches, so great for a beginner.

3. Rugs: Now this is something I really want to try. I'm going to be moving house soon and really want to make a jazzy rug for my bedroom. I've found loads of inspiration on Pinterest so I'll keep you posted on my progress.

4. Jewellery: I always think these would be great little presents to send in the post. You can easily make bracelets and necklaces and often you don't even need hooks or needles, or can do it with your fingers. I pretty good way to try out finger knitting if you haven't done it before. Also it's a  really good one for kids to try!

5. Cushions: I am loving the abundance of knitted cushions and blankets that are popping up at the moment, and you can easily make your own. A lot of the time it is just basic stocking stitch, so again, it's great for beginner knitters.

Take a look at my current favourite yarn on the market to get some inspiration for your next project.


  1. Love this! Would be great to see some tutorials from you guys on how to use it. I'd love to learn! xx

  2. lovely stuff. I am in Ghana, my name is Naa. My daughter loves crafts, if I ever find myself in Yorkshire, we will visit


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