Monday, 13 April 2015

How To Knit Socks

Today I wanted to share with you all a little project I've been working on over the past few months. I have always loved to knit, but I have always been very ambitious with my projects (considering that I taught myself, and actually know nothing about knitting!). However, I really wanted to knit my boyfriend a pair of socks for Christmas, so I set about buying the gear and brushing up on my needle skills. I started knitting 3 weeks before Christmas (I mean, come on! How long can knitting two tiny socks take?). It turns out, a long time. He finally got a completed pair in February! My first sock was a bit shabby, but I was really happy with the second one. So I am currently in the throws of knitting a third one for the collection, to compensate for the tatty first sock. Below I've listed some tips if you are thinking of knitting yourself a pair. 

Things to consider when knitting your first pair of socks:

First, you need to decide if you want to knit on circular needles or on double pointed. These are your main two techniques when knitting in the round. I chose knitting on circular needles (also known as magic loop). I've knitted a hat on circulars before, so I thought it might be easier for me.

When you've decided, you need to find a pattern. I got my pattern from my local knitting shop, it was the 'Simple Sock' pattern by Viridian Yarn.

Now the fun bit! Picking your wool! Sock wool is very thin and different to your normal knitting wool, so make sure to ask if you're unsure. 

Give yourself a lot of time! They are fiddly little buggers and they take a lot of concentration, so make sure you have plenty of time to work through the pattern. 

They are actually not too difficult to knit, so don't be put off. I consider myself an amateur knitter, so if I can do it, so can you! Turning the heel is the tricky bit, but I just watched loads of youtube videos about how to do it and they turned out just fine.

I really enjoyed knitting my socks and I think they are a great little gift. Because they are so small they are really handy to transport too. They are a perfect little project for the train. 
What do you think? Have any of you knitted socks before? 

Let me know!
Kendall x

p.s. have you noticed our fancy new photography? We've got a new guy behind the lens :)  

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  1. I was taught how to knit many years ago and I remember how to do it, I just can't remember how to cast on and off so I'm a bit stuck! These socks are so cute though, I love homemade gifts for Christmas.


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