Monday, 9 June 2014

DIY Studded Flats

Today brings the newest of our 'Maleficent' inspired posts, and I have been inspired by the gothic glamour style of Maleficent herself to create these black and gold studded flats.

You will need: A pair of flats and some studs (I bought my studs off of ebay, you can buy them in several metallic colours and varying sizes. They're super cheap too!) 

Step 1. Start by placing the studs on your shoes in different arrangements to find a pattern that you like. The pattern I had in mind when I first started didn't look as good when I tried it out beforehand, but then after a quick play around with the studs I was able to find an arrangement that I was was more happy with! So it's always a good idea to do this before you start! You can always take a picture at this point too so you can remember your pattern. 
Step 2. Next you simply need to attach the studs. Depending on the type of stud that you use you may need to use glue here. For example, if your studs have a flat bottom side, you can glue them on. Or if, like mine, they have claws, you can simply press them into your shoe.

Repeat on both shoes and voila!
A super easy make to add a little gothic inspired detail to a plain pair of shoes, and you can even use the technique on handbags, clutch bags or heels. Get experimenting!  
Love Em x


  1. I have some of these from Topshop. Should have made them! Love your blog. Girls after my own heart!


  2. Your experiment on shoes is so adorable. the ordinary shoes has got a rich look in a while. simply super!!!!
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  4. Lovelove! So going to get my craft on <3

  5. I just love this! I'm so going to try it!!!!!

  6. This is such a GREAT post! I've always wanted a pair like this so instead of buying a pair I'm going to make them :-)

    Beth x


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