Monday, 26 May 2014

TWB On Tour!

Today we thought we tell you all about our lovely weekend in Yorkshire. Em came up for five days and we well and truly made the most of it. Europcar asked us if we would like to rent a van from them for the weekend and we took them up on their kind offer. We got our closest friends together, packed up the van with tents, delicious food, and kayaks (yep, Chris wanted to go kayaking even when it was throwing it down with rain!) and we headed off into the dales. I actually think we chose the worst weekend of the year, weather wise, to go camping but we embraced the downpours and the grey skies and we had such a great time! We pitched up camp on Rob's farm in North Yorkshire, the boys did a cracking job of making a fire and cooking us dinner and we stayed up, huddled around the fire under umbrellas trying to stay dry.  

On the saturday we headed even further North and hit the coast. We drove in convoy through the moors and ended up at Whitby. We ate fish and chips, climbed up to the abbey, and Chris braved the sea in a kayak. What a lad! So many thanks to Europcar for the rental van. It was so useful and made the road trip experience very enjoyable!

Have you all had a fun bank holiday weekend? 
Love, TWB xx

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