Sunday, 18 May 2014

DIY Rose Sunglasses

Hello there!
Welcome to our fourth post in collaboration with Disney's Maleficent film! Keep your eyes peeled for plenty more Disney goodness heading your way soon. But if you can't wait just pop on over to the Maleficent Hub for more exclusive content from both us, and Disney!
So the sun has finally decided to show its glorious little face this week, thank goodness! So for today's DIY I have been inspired by both Maleficent's gothic glamour style as well as the delightful weather to create these super simple rose sunglasses. I've seen similar glasses appearing in many high street shops recently and I just love the idea of jazzing up an accessory like sunglasses because you can so easily turn them into a bold statement piece.   
These would be so prefect for festival season too! 
All you will need is a pair of sunnies, some superglue and some modelling clay. I used 'Fimo' which is perfect for the job and can be found in any arts & crafts shop. 

How to: 
Start by making the individual roses by following this super simple tutorial...
1. Form a thin oval shape out of your clay, roughly the width of a pound coin. Roll from one end to form the inner spiral of your rose. 
2. Make several more thin pieces of clay of varying sizes. These will form the petals. 
3. Starting with the smallest of your petals, mould onto your inner spiral.
4. Repeat this. Overlap the petals and work your way from the smallest to the largest. You can also mould them by folding over each petal i

Lots of love, 
Em xx


  1. They look amazing, really want to try this myself! xo

  2. These are SO good! I must make some xx

  3. This is such a cute tutorial- genius idea to use the modelling clay!

    Faye x

  4. So clever!

  5. That's incredible. Your sensational idea is fabulous. What an imagination... I've become a fan of your blog. Gonna implement your innovations for my daughter :) Thanks
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