Wednesday, 2 April 2014

DIY Dogtooth Scrunchie

Good morning all! 

Yay I'm back blogging! I haven't had the chance to get my craft on in SUCH a long time. This feels good. Uni deadlines have well and truly taken over my life. However, for now, things are a little calmer.

This weekend I found some time to get creative and make good use of this gorgeous dogtooth fabric I've had stashed away. I'm a big fan of dogtooth but am a bit scared to wear it. Its such a bold print so creating a srunchie seemed a good solution. Plus, I'm forever sticking my hair up in a top knot or high pony when I don't have the patience to do something nice with my hair, so srunchies are the ideal accessory for me. This is a dead simple little make. I mocked this one up whilst watching a couple of episodes of Modern Family! (Im totally addicted, HELP)

For this DIY you will need: fabric, scissors, pins, needle and thread, tape measure, and some elastic.

And here's how to make one yourself...
1. Cut out approximately 75 x 20 cm piece of fabric for a large over sized scunchie
2. Fold the fabric in half length ways and pin together. Make sure the pattern side is inside (for my fabric this doesn't matter as it was the same pattern both sides). 
3. Hand sew or using a sewing machine, stitch down the length.
4. Turn the material the right way round so you have a long tube.
5. Cut about 15cm of elastic and thread it through. Tie the ends together in a tight knot. 
6.  Pin the ends of the fabric tube together and hand stitch all the way round to complete your srunchie.


What do you think? I'm loving this 90's look! 

Also, here's one I made earlier…
Now Ked is back up north we thought why not take more of our photos together? After all we always have such a giggle, which makes for better pictures, don't you think? I made this yellow polka dot scrunchie using the same tutorial as above and how to make Kendall's daisy hair grips can be found HERE. Two perfect spring hair DIYs!

Lots of love,

Kate xxx


  1. How cute! Where on earth did scrunchies disappear to?! xx


  2. These are so cute! I've made a couple myself before and they are so easy to wear!
    Charlotte xx


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