Monday, 10 March 2014

Spring Craftspiration

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Spring is nearly here!
...and we are very excited :) 
I absolutely love this time of year. The promise of lighter evenings and warm sunshine on the way to work, just makes the days so much more delightful. So, along with the annual spring clean, Team TWB get our heads together and come up with some lovely crafty ideas for our journey to the summer time. We have been searching the web for our favourite items that we could make ourselves. We hope you like them.

1. I just love this Mean Girls inspired slogan t-shirt (best film ever made?) and I think it would be relatively easy to make one for yourself. It might be cool to adapt a pink t-shirt and write 'On Wednesdays we wear pink'. 
2. These monogram mugs would be so easy to make and would make lovely gifts (Mother's Day is just around the corner). Just use the classic sharpie technique and put the kettle on whilst they are in the oven. First up, I'm making TWB mugs!
3. When my crocheting skills get (a lot) better, I would love to be able to make a lampshade similar to this one. I have just moved back to Leeds and my lightbulb in my room is still bare. I think this would make a lovely, colourful addition to my room. 
4. I actually have some spare fake daisies from a DIY we did a couple of years ago and I have been waiting to use them up. These grips would be so easy and would make a really cute accessory to an outfit. 
5. I saw this DIY a while ago now, and I have been desperate to try it out. I plan on buying some pretty fabric from the market and having a crafternoon.
6. I, currently, have the most awkwardly large glasses case, and hate carrying around with me in my handbag. I was inspired by this one from Topshop. All you would need is fabric, black felt, a zip and a sewing machine. 

What do you think of our spring craftspiration? What are you planning on making this season? 
Love Kendall 


  1. Love number 4! Seen some like this on ASOS but would be so nice to make some myself! xx

  2. all so cute... I'd love to be able to crochet :)

  3. Such brilliant ideas. Spring is so inspiring for crafting! Plus, who isn't getting inspired by a weekly dose of great British sewing bee


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