Wednesday, 8 July 2015

DIY Daisy Hair Clips

We have something very seasonal for you today, despite the fact that we took these photos when it was just starting to rain (spring showers hey?). Kate and I are doing a couple of posts for you on spring hair accessories and I am kicking it off with these little daisy hair grips. I got my inspiration from seeing some very similar ones on ASOS and thought I could definitely make them for a least half the price! I bought my daisies from Wilkinsons (they cost me £1.50 for a huge bunch) and I just used some old grips that were lying around in my room. 

You Will Need:
Fake flowers, Grips, Glue Gun (super glue would also work, but it just wouldn't be as secure).

How To:
Step 1: Cut your flowers away from the stems, leaving a flat base.
Step 2: Heat up your glue gun and pop a blob of gun on the base of the flower. Stick it to your hair grip.
Step 3: Leave to dry overnight. 

And that's it! Easy! Team your pretty new grips with pastels for a cute addition to your spring outfit. 
Are you loving the floral trend this spring?



  1. These are sooooo cute, definitely gonna try these out!


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