Wednesday, 12 March 2014

DIY Apron

First of all, how much is everyone loving this amazing sunny weather?! It is so delightful outside! I have been enjoying it immensely. These past two days have been my days off work, so I have spent them at home with my family, walking my dog, and sewing. What a perfect way to relax. This apron was the result of my crafternoon and I am really happy with it. TWB live by the 'give it a go and hope for the best' mantra, but I thought I would take my time, sit down with an actual sewing pattern and complete a project. I think this must be one of the few times that I have actually used a sewing pattern, but I must start doing it more often. With a bit of time and effort you can create a beautiful item that you will use again and again. This apron will also be my entry into the Hillary's Blinds Country Crafts Competition. We heard about this competition through our lovely crafty friends over at The New Craft Society and thought we would get involved! Hillary's sent us 100cm x100cm of fabric from their new Country Retreat collection (we chose 'Calluna Amethyst') and challenged us to create something eye-catching. I wanted to make something that would be useful and something that was very TWB. That is why I went for an apron. The competition closes on 31st March, so you still have chance to get crafty! And p.s. if they think your creation is the best, you could win £1000! Holy moly.  
100cm x 100cm of patterned material
100cm x 100cm of plain material
Sewing Machine
Step 1: I downloaded my sewing templates from here (top and skirt). Cut out your templates and pin them onto the back of your patterned material. Cut out your patterned material. Cut 2 pieces of plain material for your neckties (3"wide by 28" long), 1 piece of plain material for you middle waist band (6" wide by 17" long), and two pieces of plain material for your waist ties (6" wide by 36" long). You can make your waist ties shorter if you don't want such a big bow at the back. 

Step 2: Hem the edges of your skirt and top. Don't hem the top of the skirt or the bottom of the top as they will be joined later on. 

Step 3: Your neck ties, waist band and waist ties all need to be folded in half lengthways and stitched all the way along the open edge to create long tubes. Turn all of these inside out, so that the seam is inside. Stitch one waist tie to each side of your waist band and sew in the edges at the ends of your waist ties.

Step 4: Pin pleats into your skirt and then sew your skirt onto the bottom half of your waist band. You need to add in enough pleats so that it is the same length as your waist band (17").

Step 5: Sew the bottom of your top to the top half of your waist band so that it is all joined together. 

Step 6: Stitch your neck ties onto the top of your apron and sew in the edges at the ends so they are nice and neat. 

So, what do you think? This would be a lovely homemade gift for Mother's Day (which is at the end of this month!). 
Let us know how it goes!
Kendall x


  1. It looks awesome! Love the print on this too x

  2. I can't believe you made this!
    This is amaziiiiiiiiing!
    I love your blog!

    Kelly from |Daydreams & Daisychains

  3. Oh wow - looks fab! Love the fabric choice. :) Leanne x

  4. Beautiful fabric , looks great ... might have to try this myself x

  5. Beautiful and economical...with uncertain economic times every sensible girl should learn how to make these.


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