Saturday, 1 February 2014

Our Favourite Valentine's Day Etsy Picks

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So, Valentines Day is not too far away so we thought we would put together our favourite Etsy finds. We thought we should pick some items that were a little different and unconventional, so we hope we like them!

1. First up is something from one of my favourite Etsy sellers. JimBobArt sells really quirky hand painted crockery. This would be an awesome VDay gift if you live with your boyfriend, if he is a bit of a foody, or if he just loves cheese and bicycles...

2. I saw this card earlier this year and I've been so excited to send it. I think it is such a funny, honest card. It is a non-gushy Valentines Day card. Perfect!

3. If you follow us on Instagram or Twitter you will probably have seen the abundance of photos of us doing, what we call, the turtle face (New Girl fans will understand!). The grumpy cat has got it bang on...I wish he lived in my house. I just think this phone case is great, and would be an ideal for a VDay avoider.

4. How cute are these temporary tattoos by PepperInk? We love them. You can get them in all different designs and would be a cute gift idea to pop in someones card. Ideal if you are in a long distance relationship and can't afford to send a super heavy parcel.

5. These 'dual gloves' are possibly the best idea anyone has ever come up with! Why has no one thought of this before? Holding hands has become a lot more cosy :) Perfect for a couple who loves exploring the outdoors. These are already in my Etsy basket...don't tell Ben.

Have you found any great Valentine's Day gifts that we should check out?
Love, Kendall xox


  1. The dual gloves are so cute and soppy! I can't imagine actually walking around in them haha. The temporary tattoos are really cute too. I might get some for my best girl friend! xx

  2. very interesting for gift
    and this is very interesting red skinny jeans


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