Thursday, 13 February 2014

Last Minute Valentines

Hello you lovely lot! 
So, Valentines day is tomorrow! and just incase you haven't had a chance to buy cards or gifts, here are just a couple of cute (and VERY last minute) ideas that you can use. They're sweet and thoughtful gestures but take no time at all. 
This is a super simple idea. All you need to do is cut out a heart shape from some card and write a little message on it. Then stick onto the label of a teabag! Or, if you don't have the teabags with string on, simply screw a tiny whole in the corner of a teabag, pop some thread through it and tape the other end onto your note. This idea would be lovely with breakfast in bed. A cuppa in the morning is the greatest thing ever anyway, isn't it? and this just makes it a tad bit cuter. 

You could also make a few of these pillow boxes. I learnt how to make them today and they're so bloomin easy i'm gonna make a whole bunch! Literally all you need is the inside of a loo or kitchen roll, some glue and some pretty paper. To make the box start by flattening the tube, then fold down the ends so that they meet in the centre of the hole. Then you can make it look a lot nicer by adding wrapping paper, ribbon and messages and you can fill it with something lovely, i'm saying sweets are a good bet!
To get into the spirit of Valentines you could also make a little something for yourself. I used felt and a needle and thread to sew halved hearts onto a pair of gloves, so that they form a heart when put together. So simple! I also sewed some felt hearts onto a cosy pair of socks which I loved- but sadly my dog decided he liked them more, and they are no longer!
If you still have time to make a card, take a look at our really simple DIY Valentines card tutorial here, or get baking and check out our valentines cake toppers here

...and if all else fails, write a message on a banana...

Happy Valentines!! Lots of love, TWB xxx

ps. please excuse the ridiculous puns within the post! 


  1. Love these ideas girls! Super cute, will definitely be trying the little pillow boxes, Meabh

  2. These are super cute! Love them!
    Alice x


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