Friday, 14 February 2014

DIY Heart Elbow Patches

Hey Friends! Happy Valentines Day! 
We hope you are all having a delightful day. We have a somewhat valentine-ish related DIY post for you all today, in these really simple heart elbow patches. I've seen quite a few of these around recently, (ASOS are big fans of a heart shaped elbow patch at the minute) but thought i'd try them out for myself.  I find that I have a tendency to wear fairly plain outfits and a fair amount of black, so I really like that these patches just add a little something extra. 

A cardigan or jumper
 A material of your choice (I think a tartan will work well!)
 A pen
 A needle & thread
An iron. 

  1. Start by drawing out your heart stencil and cut out two of them. Measure against your elbow to check you are happy with the size. 
  2. Pin one of the stencils onto two pieces of material (this just makes it easier than cutting the heart out twice). 
  3. Cut around the stencil leaving a margin of approximately 1cm. 
  4. Cut slits from the edge of the fabric up to the paper, so that they can be folded over to create a neat edge. 
  5. Iron the flaps down. I actually found this part a little fiddly but stick with it! 
  6. Put on your cardigan, bend your arms and mark a cross where your elbows are. 
  7. Pin each heart onto each sleeve, making sure that the cross lies roughly in the centre. 
  8. Hand stitch each patch onto the cardigan. 
Easy peasy. Of course, you can use any shape and pattern, and  match the patches to your favourite outfit. Let is know if you give them a go. Tweet us a pic!  

Lots of Love, Em xx


  1. This is a great idea, looks so cute! x

  2. Hello. I did a little blogpost about elbow patches last week, iif you like you can find it here


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