Saturday, 18 January 2014

How to Transform Your Instagram Photos

    This week we received a lovely little parcel from the wonderful StickyGram. What a treat! 

If you haven't already heard of them, StickyGram transform all your favourite Instagram photos into magnets, photo cases or tablet covers, cool hey? We were lucky enough to receive some magnets, and we LOVE them! 

They’re such a cute (and useful) way of jazzing up your fridge, radiator or notice board! I’ve added mine to a magnetic notice board in my room and they’re holding up all the photos from our American adventure. I reckon you can never have too many photos so they’ve been a perfect addition to the board, and far better than the plain, boring magnets I was using previously! 

Our magnets* have been a delightful reminder of some of our most treasured memories.  There’s a lot of TWB girl time, some festivities, radio 1 antics and harry potter fun, as well as our favourite little lady (Olive the beautiful Chihuahua. She’s dressed as a reindeer, what a babe). 

StickyGram is offering TWB readers more than 10% off their order with the code 'TRENDY'- so get involved! You won't regret it :)

Check out their Instagram and Twitter for more instagram fun! 
Thank you StickyGram, we're big fans! 

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