Friday, 31 January 2014

DIY Statement Necklace

The Statement Necklace. This, for me, is a vital accessory to transform any boring outfit. I have a couple of metallic ones that I absolutely love, and consequently wear to death, so I decided to create one of my own using more vibrant colours. So if you're bored with the same old tees in your wardrobe, this is the tutorial for you! All that is required for this DIY is a bit of simple needle work and you're good to go!

A chunky chain necklace
Small piece of leather (I've gone for a crimson colour)
An assortment of beads
Needle and thread

Step 1. Lay out your beads on the leather and create a symmetrical design. (Tip: Take a photo on your phone to refer back to this pattern)

Step 2. Cut out your desired shape and size of leather based on your design. Leave about a centimetre of leather around the beads.

Step 3. Sew the beads onto the leather. Go round a couple of times on each bead with the needle and thread to make sure its nice and secure.

Step 4. Next sew the leather onto the necklace. 

Job done!

What do you think? I love the contrast in metallic and matt coloured beads and the different shapes. This necklace instantly revamps the look of any outfit. And dead simple to make!

Lots of love

Kate xxx


  1. i love this! So simple and yet the mix of colours and textures makes it look great ;) And so much better than paying heaps of money in Accessorize for one which falls apart after just one wear.

  2. I really like this. Where did you get the beads from?

  3. Love this DIY, I have lots of broken bits of jewellery I've been saving for something useful, will definitely be giving this a go! Meabh

  4. woow.. this is fantastic
    go very well with hydraulic jeans


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