Sunday, 12 January 2014

DIY Peter Pan Collar

Hello! Happy Sunday!
We are big fans of a Peter Pan collar at the minute. They're just so cute and can really make an outfit. However, buying a whole new shirt can be a bit pricey, so here's a cheeky little DIY for a Peter Pan collar-necklace that you can use to jazz up a plain outfit. I've made this sparkly sequin one that I thought i'd share with you lovely lot. It's super simple to make, and cheap as chips too. 
You will need: Felt, lines of sequins (3 metres should be plenty), marker pen, paper, scissors, needle & thread, fabric glue, ribbon. 
1. Start by drawing out the template for the collar. I drew mine out on paper and sort of held it up to my neck and used trial and error and lots of scribbles to get it looking about right (it's all very technical, I know!).
2. Cut out the template and transfer onto your felt. Draw round it twice and cut out, so that you are left with two half moon-ish type shapes. 
3. Cover the felt shape in fabric (or PVA) glue. 
4. Layer the lines of sequins onto the felt. 
5. Once dry, trim around the edges to neaten up. 
6. Using a needle and thread, sew together the two pieces where they will meet in the middle. 
7. Cut two pieces of ribbon (roughly 10cm in length each) 
8. Sew each piece of ribbon to the top of each half of the collar so that they can be tied in a bow to fasten the collar like a necklace. 
It's that simple! You can use any colour you like, or you could always use glitter instead of sequins, or sew beads onto the felt, even. Anything you fancy! 

Let us know if you give it a go! Lots of love, Em x


  1. Ha makes it look so simple!
    I am horrible with DIY, I once ruined a skirt trying to hem it. This might actually be a possible one though!

    {Teffy's Perks} X


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