Friday, 24 January 2014

DIY French Slogan Tee

1. 2. 3. 4.

I have been seeing these french slogan tees all over the high street at the minute so I thought I would have a go at making one myself! It turned out to be super easy and I think it turned out really well. What do you think? I couldn't decide what phrase I should use, so I thought I would combine two trends: french phrases and the selfie! I thought it was a bit silly and unique :) Obviously, you could write whatever you fancied on your t-shirt - be creative! 

You Will Need:
A plain t-shirt (mine was £3 from Primark)
Black fabric paint

Step 1: Design your slogan on your computer. Make sure you use quite a thick and bold font. Print it out onto card (make sure it is the size you want it to be on the t-shirt).
Step 2: Cut out the letters to make a stencil. Pin your stencil on your t-shirt where you want your writing to be.
Step 3: Paint over your stencil using fabric paint. You might need to do a few layers. Leave to dry.
Step 4: When it is COMPLETELY dry, iron over the paint to make it permanent. 


Hope you enjoyed this little DIY :) Also, make sure you catch all of our fashion DIYs over on the Company Magazine Weekly Edit app. We write for them every week. Have any of you seen us in it yet? You can download it, and read more info, HERE!

Kendall xox


  1. Lovely Idea to make plain shirts more special :) definitely going to try it out some time

  2. Kendall this looks lovely on you. Such a simple way to spruce up a plain cheap top!

    Abbie x


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