Thursday, 16 January 2014

DIY: Collar Chain

Collared tops have been out and about for a fair old while now and I have to say I am quite a fan. This is the perfect tutorial to add a little bling to your favourite collared outfits for a new lease of life! And it really deosnt have to break the bank. The jewels I used for this DIY were originally a pair of earrings that I got in the sale for an amazing £2.50 and these broach pins are easily available from haberdashery shops.
For this DIY, all you will need is some matching sparkly gems (earrings is good option), an old necklace chain, broach pins and super glue.

Step 1: If, like me, you are using earrings for your collar chain, detach the stud part to leave you with the gems.
2. Simply fold your chain in half and super glue each end to the back of the jewels. Leave this to dry before the next step. 
3. Stick down the broach pins over the chain using more superglue. This can get fiddly if you don't leave the first lot of superglue to dry first!

And voila, you're all set to jazz up your favourite collared tops. Simple!

This DIY really is that quick and simple! There is heaps of blingy jewellery in the sale right now so you really have no excuse to give it ago! I absolutely love mine, I think I might make another!

Lots of love
Kate xx


  1. So pretty!


  2. This is so pretty! I'll definitely be trying this out!

    Toni xo

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