Sunday, 22 December 2013

DIY: Wire Bracelet

Hello Friends! 
It's SO nearly Christmas (woohoohoo!). So today i've been making a couple of  last minute presents including these little wire bracelets that would make cute stocking fillers. They're super quick and simple to make too so don't fret that you're running out of present making time! 

You will need: Jewellery wire, chain, wire cutters, round nose pliers (you can make them by hand but if you do have these pliers it will make things a tad easier), a pen & paper. I got all of these things at a local crafty shop. 
1. Start by writing out your chosen word or name. Make sure its all joined up and somewhat 'squiggly'. 
(I've made a couple for the girls. It may seem a tad odd but we never call each other by our real names. Instead we tend to go by the names of Ked, Oogs and Emiel (i'm not even sure why)...hence why these bracelets say Ked and Oogs.)
2. Cut your wire to your desired length, about 3 inches longer than the length of your word i'd say. 
3. Using the round nose pliers, and your word as a guide, bend your wire into the shape of your word. 
4. Make sure that at either side of the word, you have a small curl (this is what the chain will attach to). 
5. Trim off the excess wire. 
6. Next, cut the chain to the desired length. 
7. Hook each end of the chain onto either side of your wire name and squeeze to secure. 

To give as a gift you can cut a piece of card into a rectangle, cut two slits on either side and slot in your bracelet. The just hold the bracelet so that you can wrap it nicely. You can write a little Christmassy message on the card too! 
Hopefully this DIY will provide you with a little last minute present inspiration!
Not long now! IT'S SO EXCITING 

Lots of festive love, Em xx


  1. This is so great! thanks for sharing :-) x

  2. Soo cutee!

    Thanks for sharing this DIY :)


  3. Love this DIY, will defiantly have make this!

    Bella x

  4. This is such a good idea! How do you fasten the bracelet? Or does it just slide on and off?


    1. So glad you like it! Well, it can either be a slide on and off thing, or i've been hooking the chain on the little curve at the end and then squeezing it the make sure it stays. Or, you can always just add in a bracelet clasp to the chain :) Merry Christmas! x


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