Monday, 16 December 2013

DIY: Pom-pom Scarf

Hello Friends! How are you all?  
We've been spotting a lot of lovely pom pom scarfs on the high-street recently, and i'm a big fan. So I figured I may as well have a go at making one myself. These scarfs are so delightful and snuggly which means they're perfect for the chilly festive season.   
All you need isA scarf, wool, scissors, cardboard, a pen.  
Step1. Cut out 2 circles from the cardboard. Mine were roughly 8cm in diameter with a 2cm hole in the middle. Then cut a 1cm wide section from each circle. 
Step2. Place the circles together and wrap the wool around them. The more wool you use to wrap around the circles the fuller the pom poms will be. 
Step3. Insert your scissors between the two pieces of card and cut through the top edge of the wool, the whole way round. 
Step4. Insert a separate piece of wool (roughly 10cm long) between the two pieces of card, pull and tie. This will secure your pom pom.
Step5. Remove the cardboard from around the pom pom. 
Step6. Use your scissors to trim all uneven bits of wool. 
Step7. Repeat. (I chose to make 6 pom poms, 3 for each side) 
Step8. Remove the tassels from your scarf simply by untying them. 
Step9. Replace the tassels with your pom poms, by tying the longer piece of wool in the gap where the tassels were previously. 

...and voila! 

I really hope you enjoy this little DIY! Let us know if you give it a go! 
Lots of Love, Em xx


  1. So simple and effective. I'm loving pompoms at the moment!! thanks for the tutorial xx

  2. This a great idea! You're all so creative, I love reading your posts :)


  3. Love love this, I never knew pom poms were so easy! Deffo gonna make some

    Faye x

  4. Awww! I used to do pom pom all day long when I was younger! Love it! x


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