Monday, 2 December 2013

A Few of Our Favourite Apps

We have something a little different for you lovely lot today. I recently got this Google ‘Nexus‘ 16GB Tablet from Argos, and i’ve been so impressed with it and the many apps that it offers that I thought i’d share them with you guys! Alongside all the good old faves (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogger, Spotify and Pinterest), some of my favourite apps so far include this little lot:  

Of course, I was very excited to see what sort of crafty apps were on offer! I'm a fan of 'HOW TO SEW' which is essentially a 'how to' guide for sewing. It has 3 sections: 'beginners', 'ideas' and 'sewing projects', each of which consists of a selection of Youtube videos that provide demonstrations and inspiration. The videos range from 'how to use a sewing machine' to more complex tutorials such as dress making tutorials. I've got my eye on a block quilt tutorial at the minute! 'Sewing Classes' is also great for both hand and machine sewing tutorials. It includes all the very basics too, like threading a needle or a sewing machine. So even if you're completely new to sewing this app is perfect. Unfortunately some of our favourite DIY apps aren't yet available on Android, like the 'Company Weekly Edit app'. It is on its way to the land of Android though and will be launched soon. I for one can't wait for that! (although I am a tad biased because the TWB gals feature in it, woo). 

I've also recently subscribed to the digital edition of 'Mollie Makes'. You've probably heard us talk about this magazine before because, well, WE LOVE IT! So it was lovely to find out that it was available on the tablet! It's my absolute fave for getting some crafty inspiration. At the moment it has lots of festive DIY and gift ideas. I'm currently making these 'wrapped felt pinecones' to scatter around my house for Christmas!
It's amazing how many books and magazines are on offer. I've also subscribed to the digital editions of 'Company' and 'Cosmopolitan' magazines which are delightful to browse through on a train journey or when relaxing with a cuppa. Plus i'm currently reading 'Into the Wild’,  which is a treat. 
I also LOVE  ‘A Beautiful Mess’. I'm so happy this has been made available on Android as i've had my eye on it for a while. I’ve been getting a bit carried away with this one, making a ton of photo collages and adding little doodles to all my pictures. I love how you can add a little something extra to your photos and make them so quirky and personal! 

Having a tablet was never something the greatly appealed to me because I always used my laptop and phone, and managed just fine. But now i’ve had the opportunity to use the Nexus 7, I think it’s fair to say i’d be a little lost without it! It’s wonderful that all these apps, magazines and books are so accessible and in one place. I can flit between them so easily, getting inspiration and then using the sewing guide apps to work out exactly how to go about making something. The new craft bloggers best friend? 

If you fancy having a browse of some more Google Nexus products, have a little look on the Argos webpage here. 

What do you reckon? What are your favourite apps?
I'm on the hunt for some more great crafty ones, any suggestions? 
Lots of love, Em xx

Next stop...a DIY tablet cover. I'm attempting to teach myself to crochet (might take a while!) Watch this space. x

(This post is in collaboration with Argos.)


  1. I bought myself a tablet recently and I don't know if I could be without it now! Apart from being able to write research papers on the go (I commute to uni daily), it's just so useful for all those things which are just too small and fiddly on a phone screen, but not quite important enough to drag a heay dinosaur laptop out for!

  2. I just can't read out of tablets, it hurts my eyes!



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