Tuesday, 5 November 2013

#TryItTuesday: Felt Phone Case

For those of you who haven't heard about Try It Tuesday, it is our simple way of sharing and celebrating all the wonderful crafty tutorials in the blogasphere! The idea is to seek out a tutorial on your favourite DIY blog, get creating following their steps, and blog about it on a Tuesday using the hashtag #TryItTuesday. Click HERE to read a little more about it. 

This Tuesday I am going to share with you this lovely crafty idea by Rachel on her blog Pretty Pointless Things. I had a go at creating my own phone case using just 2 pieces of felt, 2 buttons and a some embroidery thread.
I really enjoyed making this phone case from Pointless Pretty Things. Rachel's tutorial was so easy to follow and I had finished my masterpiece in no time at all! I loved the use of two contrasting colours and an off-centred flap with Rachel's design. It gives it a unique style and I was keen to re-create this when making my own. Felt is so nice to work with as it's easy to sew (hand stitch or machine), keeps its shape well for a soft structured case and, best of all it, doesn't fray! This means you cut lines that stay crisp and leave the raw edges as part of your design! I really like this aspect as it makes your case look homemade. I chose to just use 2 pieces of felt with a slightly longer back piece which folds over to close the case. You can alternatively use the same coloured felt front and back and then sew on an additional piece to create the flap. I kept the raw edges of my case cut straight but you can cut in scalloped edges for a cute finish. I annoyingly didn't leave much space for this but I quite like the straight edgy lines I have going on in this design! Using 2 buttons and thread to fasten the case is a really clever idea as everyone has a couple of spare buttons lying around in their craft boxes but you don't need to stitch any fiddly button holes! 

What do you think? Cute huh? Did I mention this cost me less than £1 to make?! AMAZING! I think some family members may be receiving glasses cases, phone cases and camera cases this Christmas! 

Get involved with #TryItTuesday to celebrate and share all those brilliant crafty tutorials out there!!

Lots of love
Kate xxx


  1. so cute! and, I've just found some felt in my craft box, it's a sign!! :)
    Bumble Speaks

  2. Super cute! I love it. :) I have so much felt at home, so I may just have to get sewing.

  3. I love it, I finally had the time to take part today! #TryItTuesday is such a great idea.

    I made a paper straw frame http://daintyandivory.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/tryittuesday.html


  4. hooray :) it looks great, love the colours you used! Thanks lovelies! xx

  5. This is adorable and I love the #tryittuesday idea :)

    The British Teen // fashion, beauty, lifestyle

    Heidi ♡


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