Tuesday, 12 November 2013

#TryItTuesday: DIY Studded Headband

Oh hey Guys! It's #TryItTuesday again :)
This week I was very keen to try out a DIY by the lovely Lotts from the blog Lotts & Lots. She creates the most beautiful jewellery and documents it on her site so go and check it out if you like making jewellery or want to learn. I found this tutorial on how to make a studded headband and I thought it was super cute. I used the wear headbands a lot when I was younger so I had an abundance in my dresser. I used an old headband that was looking a bit tatty and wrapped it with cream ribbon. Lotts' version was done in black, which I loved, but I only had cream ribbon left in my craft box. However, I think it looks  quite nice with the gold studs. This tutorial was really easy and it took me no time at all to make. Definitely head on over and take a look through all her other lovely DIYs.  

Now I've revamped my old headband I will absolutely be wearing it more often. If you want to have a go at making one of these yourself you can read the tutorial HERE
Who else has got involved with #TryItTuesday? Leave us a link to your blog below if you want to be involved or have taken part. We would love to see them! If you want to learn more about what all this #TryItTuedsay malarky is that we keep jabbering on about see our post for more information :)

Love Kendall xox

p.s. We've created a #TryItTuesday Pinterest board. Click HERE if you want to check out our other posts for some crafty inspiration. 

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