Saturday, 23 November 2013

DIY Bunny Jumper

1. Louche 2. Topshop 3. Dorothy Perkins

How to make your own:

You will need:
A cream jumper
Black wool
Sharpie, and a pencil

Step 1: Draw out your bunny face onto paper or greaseproof paper and when you are happy with the design go over it with a sharpie so it is nice and bold.
Step 2: Place your drawing inside your jumper. If you are using a light coloured jumper, like me, you should be able to see your outline through the fabric.
Step 3: Pin in place so the picture doesn't move when you are tracing it onto the front of your jumper.
Step 4: Trace the picture onto the jumper using a pencil or biro. Draw lightly so that you won't be able to see the lines after you sew over them.
Step 5: Thread your lace onto a needle and get sewing! Sew over all of your lines until the whole picture is in black. Make sure you tie off after each section. You don't want to drag long lengths of black wool along the underside of your jumper as you will be able to see them and it will make it look messy. For the areas that need to be filled in, like the eyes, ears and nose, use long stitches across the area to fill them in.

Want to watch our first ever YouTube video tutorial on how to make the bunny jumper?
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  1. It's a cool idea, but I definitely do not have the dexterity or ability for that!
    WIll need to give it a go..

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X


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