Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Washi Tape Pen Holder

I had one those rare and wonderful 'Eureka' moments whilst scraping the last of the yoghurt from its pot at breakfast and thought I can make better use of this pot than chucking it away. I currently have all my pens and pencils tucked away in my pencil case but it's quite nice to have them to hand especially for those all important phone calls. So instead of tossing it a side I had a good rummage around to see how I could transform it into the perfect desk tidy. 

And here is all you'll need.....
As you can probably tell this DIY really is the ultimate mess-free make! 

First off, cover your yoghurt pot in one or two layers of masking tape. This is because washi tape isn't quite opaque so you'd see the lettering on the pot through the tape without this initial backing.
Next, get covering with your washi tape! I have gone round in layers but you could stick it vertically. 
Pen holder complete! A perfectly pretty and practical addition to your desk! (Now that's a mouthful to say!!)
Chuffed with my afternoons work! It was so quick to make! And I love the pattern of this washi tape. It instantly brightens up my desk. 

Have you recycled any unwanted items recently? Let us know!
Lots of love
Kate xxx

P.S Cosmo Blog Awards tomorrow!! gjvddxdvjibe Cannot wait! Who's going??
P.P.S Apologies for the terrible lighting in these photos. The curse of a tiny bedroom window I'm afraid.


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