Sunday, 13 October 2013

DIY Tie-Dye Jumper

Last week, I headed down to our Uni's annual Vintage Kilo Sale and picked up this rather unassuming faded plain blue jumper (shown in the 'before' image).  If you don't know what a 'kilo sale' is let me inform you. There are rails and rails of amazing vintage finds that you can buy per weight! You end up coming away with a heap of clothes that each cost next to nothing. I bought 4 fabulous, but rather bulky items, which set me back £21. Thats just over £5 a piece, bargain!

Now this jumper really doesn't seem like something you'd seek out and buy, especially if you are desperately trying to preserve your cash, but despite its bland exterior and I saw its potential; to do some tie dye!! Everyone loves a bit of tie-dye and I am no exception.

To give this DIY a go, get your hands on:
A boring old jumper (preferable with a high cotton % as it takes on the dye better. This one was 50% cotton)
A ton of elastic bands of all sizes
Fabric Dye (I went for Dylon Hand Dye in black) 
Salt (to add with the dye mixture)
Washing up gloves, as not to dye your hands!

And here's how its done: 
Step 1: Grab sections of your jumper and tie elastic bands around nice and tightly. Its important that these are fairly tight so the dye is restricted from these parts. Cover your jumper in elastic bands until it looks a little something like this..
Don't you think it looks a bit like an alien?! 

Step 2: Following the instructions on your packet of dye, run the tap over your bundle so its nice and damp before putting it in the dye.

Step 3: Make up your bucket of dye as described in the instructions. Dylon requires ordinary salt to be added to the dye mixture. Then pour over not quite boiling water over the dry mixture so it all dissolves. Make up the rest of the dye using warm water out of the tap. 

Step 4: Immerse your alien bundle into the dye and leave it for the required time. I only left my jumper in for 25 minutes or so as I didn't want my jumper to be really dark black. As you can see, its more of a deep blue colour against the already blue jumper. 

Step 5: Once you have taken your jumper out of the dye, rinse out the excess under the tap. Squish out as much of the dye as you can until the water starts to run clear again. 

Step 6: Still with the elastic bands on, put your jumper bundle into the washing machine on a quick spin to take out the last of the dye. 

Step 7: Take off all the elastic bands to uncover your unique pattern!

Ta Dah!

I love it! It worked so well! Its a nice and subtle pattern which was what I was aiming for. If you've never tie dyed before you must try it. Its really easy and so much fun! You never get the same pattern twice and its always such a hold-your-breath moment when you take off those elastic bands to reveal your own unique creation. 

Keep your eyes peeled as this craft tutorial will also be appearing in Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair official magazine in November. Along side this will be a chat from me about all things vintage! We'll keep you posted! 

Have you tie-dyed anything recently? Let us know! I've got dye left over and I'm eager to try something new!

Lots of Love
Kate xxx


  1. This is amazing! I love it! <3


  2. Such a good idea, have to try this love it :) x

  3. Oh wow that looks really cool!! We had a tie die session at home once to prep for the summer, but to do it to jumper seems a really good idea as well!

    Teffy { Teffys Perks Blog } X


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