Thursday, 10 October 2013

DIY: Moustache Tote Bag

Hello! Today I thought i'd share a couple of DIY tote bag decoration ideas with you lovely lot. Canvas tote bags are so handy, as well as incredibly easy to design and decorate. They literally are a blank canvas for you to scribble, paint, stencil and sew away! 
...a perfect excuse to get creative! 

You can make your tote bags completely individual and personal, or replicate your favourite high street designs for a fraction of the price, which is what i've attempted to do here. 

You will need: 
Canvas Tote Bags (I purchased mine on amazon. They were as cheap as chips!)
 Acrylic paint
Paint brush 

Moustache Bag
A popular design, and one that i've seen a couple of times in high street shops. This was so, SO simple to create, which means its a perfect way to save some pennies. I started by drawing the stencil onto an A4 piece of paper (the width of which was a perfect fit for the bag). If you have trouble here just 'google image' a moustache stencil and it gives you a load to chose from! Its also handy to fold your paper in half, draw out one side and then cut it from there, just to ensure its symmetrical. Once you've cut out the stencil, place on the tote bag and draw around it using a marker pen. Now, using the shape as a guideline, paint away!

(TOP TIP: slide some paper inside the bag so that the paint doesn't stick it all together, that would not be ideal!) 

I love the simplistic effect of this bag, especially when worn against a monochrome outfit. I think it might also be cool to try smaller moustaches dotted all over the bag...hmm...I might make that one next! I do love a moustache. 

(Just incase you hadnt already noticed, us TWB girls really do love a moustache! Take a look at Kendall's lovely DIY Salt Dough Moustache Ring here.) 
I hope you enjoy this DIY, if you give it a go let us know how it goes! We really do love hearing from you! 

Lots of love, Em x

(So midway through writing this post, I had burst of inspiration. I grabbed another blank bag and a sharpie and started scribbling away... what do you think?)


  1. This is so cute!
    I love all your craft posts but this has to be one of my faves!


  2. This is amazing, will definitely be having a go at decorating some tote bags! The mustache bag will be perfect for Movember!


  3. Those bags are awesome! I love the second one the most :)

    Cat, xo


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