Thursday, 31 October 2013

DIY Embellished Hat

So autumn has well and truly arrived! Which means it's hats, scarves and gloves time...Yay! (I always try to convince myself that the cold weather is great because it means I can snuggle up and wear all sorts of warm, wintery accessories!) 
I've been seeing a lot of lovely jewelled and beaded woollen hats on the high street recently, and because I already own a grey hat, I thought it would just be so much easier (and cheaper) to have a go at making my own! A perfect DIY for autumn and winter. 
You will need: 
-A hat 
-Needle & thread 
-Beads or jewels
All you need to do to make your beaded hat is to sew the beads onto the front using your needle and thread. Easy peasy! I started with the centre bead and worked my way out. 
The beads I used were fairly heavy however, which meant that the front of the hat was weighted down. If this happens, simply sew the front fold of the hat onto the hat itself. Sorted! 

Hope you enjoy this DIY, let us know if you give it a go! 

Love Emily xx

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  1. Oh my what a fabulous idea! My hat is plain cream chunky knit but a little festive bling will brighten the winter days ahead for sure!


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