Sunday, 22 September 2013

Personalised Door Hanger

As some of you may know, the TWB gang have been/still are across the pond holidaying in the USA. Emily and Kendall are currently in sunny California whereas I flew back last week (boooo!) ready to start my 4th year back in Leeds. Sorry for our absence on the blog whilst we've been away but we'll be back in full force very soon! This is a little DIY post that I didn't quite get round to completing before we jet-setted off on our holidays.

I've been desperate to get creating after meeting so many lovely crafty enthusiasts at the Southbank Centre Village Fair (if you can remember that far back!). With no real planned project in mind, I rummaged through my craft box, picked out some gorgeous fabric and jumped on my sadly neglected sewing machine. I love the bold letter motif like scrabble pieces I've been seeing everywhere on tote bags, pillows and jewellery which inspired me to create a my own personalised wall hanging for my bedroom door using an old embroidery ring. 

I stitched the K in place using white thread so it would stand out against the deep pink material. I sewed round 3 times only roughly following the same line for an un-neat, homemade, textured look. I used an old embroidery ring to frame the letter.  Unfortunately the fabric is not fixed into the ring as you normally would as I only inherited the single ring so instead I've cheated and used super glue around the edge. I also included a small piece of twine string at the top so it can be hung up. 

I'm so pleased with the outcome of an evening's spontaneous crafting session. I love the background fabric I've used here. It looks quite vintagey with a floral print, but the strong bold colours give it a more modern edge. This door hanger will be joining me in the car up to Leeds next week when I move into my next student house. Can't wait to pin it up on my new door!   

Get your hands on some funky fabric and give it a go! You don't need much so why not try cutting up an old top that you like the pattern of. And don't worry if you don't have a sewing machine. Sewing by hand will give even more of a handmade feel to it. 

Lots of love
Kate xx
p.s Can't wait to share our holiday snaps with you. Here's a sneak peak at one of the three of us at Times Square, New York

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  1. Aww I want one! It's perfect!


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