Wednesday, 7 August 2013

DIY: Chanel No.5 T-shirt

This DIY was inspired by the lovely Natasha from 'Bisous Natasha' who created a similar item using the iconic Chanel No.5 bottle. I thought it was such a great idea! She has lots of lovely DIY tutorials on her blog, so make sure you go and check her out. You could use any image on an old t-shirt, if you are not that confident maybe start off with a very simple design. To make our version you will need:

A t-shirt
Fabric Paint (I used Dylon 3D paint)
A printer
Thin sharpie

Step 1: Find a picture that you want to have on your t-shirt. I used this one that I found on Google. Em and Kate have been given the gift of being incredible at drawing, I however, have not so I resort to trusty cheating tracing. Print off your picture to whatever size you want it to be on your t-shirt.  Place your picture under your t-shirt and pin in place. You should be able to see your printed picture through your t-shirt.

Step 2:  Trace over the image using your sharpie so you have a rough outline ready for painting over.

Step 3: Place an old magazine under the area you will be painting on just in case any paint seeps through the material. Then using your fabric paint, paint over your sharpie lines and create your wonderful image. I found, when painting over the fiddly little letters and intricate details, it was easier to dip the sharp end of a pencil into some fabric paint and draw over your lines. This helps you to get a nice neat finish and avoids any blobs of paint. Leave to dry over night.

What do you think? What image would you paint on yours?
Lots of love,


  1. This is great! I want to have a go at doing this myself!

    Aysha x

  2. great idea, love the pattern! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  3. Looks great!


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  5. This looks lovely! Great idea x

  6. You should make this shirt and sell it on Etsy :)!


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