Monday, 22 July 2013

TWB Graduation: Part 2

Dress: French Connection, Shoes: Aldo

As Kendall mentioned in her lovely post (read more here), the pair of us graduated this week. IT'S THE END OF AN ERA!...and what a delightful time we had! I wore a French Connection black skater style dress in the hope of achieving a classic look. When it came to picking the shoes however, I was a bit wary. As many...many people will be able to tell you, I have a tendency to be a tad clumsy, so the thought of walking onto the stage in order to collect my degree certificate in a pair of heels did scare me slightly! Luckily I stumbled across this pair of black and gold strappy heels from Aldo. They were perfect because they aren't too high and have a relatively thick heel. Ideal! And I didnt fall, yay! 
The wonderful Ashiana London were kind enough to send the three of us an item of jewellery from their beautiful collection, from which I chose this six stone gold and  turquoise bangle. I liked how the bracelet provided a little splash of colour to my otherwise black outfit to jazz it up a little. I also already owned a very similar bangle, so I opted to layer the two. 

My family and I had the most wonderful day celebrating my BSc Psychology degree back in Leeds, which was made ever more special because the campus looked so pretty in the beautiful sunshine. Ken and I were also lucky enough to have our graduations only a day apart which meant we were able to celebrate together in our beloved city!  

(I particularly enjoyed feeling like a member of Hogwarts!)

I literally cannot believe we have graduated, the past 3 years have gone so unbelievably quickly! I can honestly say though that I have had the time of my life and graduating in such a special ceremony on such a beautiful day was a lovely way to end our university experience. 

Congratulations to anyone who is graduating this summer! 
Lots of love, 
Em xx


  1. Congratulations! I had mine on Friday so I know how you must had felt. You looked lovely, and what a beautiful bracelet. xx

  2. Congratulations on graduating - I had mine last Thursday and I was so nervous! It was crazy to wear the robes and stuff though, it felt surreal.Good idea with your shoes, I couldn't face heels so ended up in sandals ;) xx

  3. Congratulations! :) I hope my graduation has as wonderful weather as yours!

  4. Congrats! I graduated on the 16th :) x


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