Wednesday, 3 July 2013


As you may all know the TWB girls have just completed their third year at the University of Leeds and for Em and Ken that means graduating in just two short weeks and real life creeping ever closer. Kate, however, is going on to do a masters, but going into your final year at uni can be just as daunting. So when Alpro got in touch and asked us if we would be ambassadors for their new #InspireMyDay campaign, we jumped at the chance. With us coming to an odd point in our lives where nothing is very certain and we will be making big decisions about our futures, a little bit of inspiration would not go a miss! So for the next month we will be teaming up with Alpro to provide lots of inspiring tips and ideas for you lovely lot. There will be yummy recipe ideas, motivational music playlists, fun summer ideas, and of course, lots of easy DIYs to provide some crafty inspiration.
We also want to hear what inspires you all too. So please get involved and share all your ideas with us via the Inspire My day hashtag. Whether that is a cute photo on Instgram, a heartwarming quote via twitter, or a creative idea on Pinterest. Use the hashtag and show us what you got!

Check out our #InspireMyDay pinterest board for our favourite ideas so far.
So get involved and let's make this summer an inspiring one!
Love TWB

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