Thursday, 11 July 2013

#InspireMyDay: Listen to something new!

For Alpro's #InspireMyDay challenge we've been thinking a lot about what inspires us and what would inspire you guys too. With this amazing weather we've had recently it got me thinking about what makes a really great summer. When I think about all the amazing memories I've had in the sun (or most likely rain in Britain) I always think about what music I was listening to back then. I like to make playlists over certain time periods so that I can go back, reminisce and evoke all those summer-fueled memories. 
Photo Credit: WeHeartIt
This is why we have decided to make a Spotify playlist! We have created a very diverse playlist that we think you will love. There are, hopefully, some bands and songs that you have never heard of before, and also some old classics that you might have forgotten about. We really hope this inspires you to explore outside of your music comfort zone and find something new that you love. So grab your speakers, a jug of Pimms and some great friends and go and enjoy the summer sunshine!

Feel free to follow us on Spotify and recommend us some music. We love finding new artists and songs, so please leave us a comment with your favourite song of the moment and we will give it a listen! Alternatively, tweet us (@TrendsWB) and tell us what we should add to our playlist. Use the hashtag #InspireMyDay to get involved. 
We really hope you enjoy :)


  1. Great playlist! LOve hearing other's music!!


We LOVE hearing from you! Thank you for your wonderful words :)