Friday, 19 July 2013

#InspireMyDay: DIY Lampshade

It wouldn't be right if we were to complete Alpro's #InspireMyDay challenge without providing you lovely lot with some craftspiration. So, here it is! Since coming home from University I have managed to unpack two houses worth of belongings into one room. But to do that I've had to have a huge rearrange of furniture and a massive clear out. Whilst I have been organising my room I have also been sprucing it up a little. And one of my interior amendments has been recovering old lampshades to make a beautiful, up-cycled addition to my bedroom. Above are some of my favourite ideas that I have found on Pinterest. I particularly like the one on the top right! For more inspiration make sure to check out our 'Inspiration' board.

This is what I created! I covered an old lampshade with left over curtain material that I had saved. I cut the material to the width of the lampshade and added about 5cm extra on either side. I then folded the material over the lampshade and stuck in place with super glue. Note, you might find it a little easier to do this if you take the light bulb out first. I then left it to dry and then stuck a pompom garland around the bottom. I think it's simple but very effective! I was rather chuffed with it actually :)

What do you think? Have any of you tried any interior DIY?
Lots of love,
Kendall x


  1. ooh that's such a good idea!! i love the teeny pom poms.. :)
    Bumble Speaks

  2. I love the map and teacup one on the inspiration board, and your one is so cute! :)

  3. The lamp looks so pretty, I love the little details with the pompoms this is a really gd idea xxx


  4. This is a rather cool DIY. We have a drab looking floor lamp at home and I just thew a tutu over it and its an instant change from industrial to vintage chic! Ann x

  5. Great tutorial, was looking for something new with a lampshade.


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