Thursday, 13 June 2013

Up-cycled Tie Glasses Case


Here is a quick and easy gift idea for Father's Day (which is on Sunday by the way)! Father's Day is always a tricky one, gift wise, and I find myself giving the same present year after year; his favourite chocolates! This year I've made this glasses case from an old tie. I particularly like this DIY as the outcome looks really sharp and no-one can see your dodgy sewing skills! You can tailor it to your Dad's favourite colour so he's sure to love it! I've have taken a few short cuts to make it nice and simple so you don't need to be a sewing goddess to make this. And it barely cost me anything! Hopefully this little make will inspire some of you to get crafting. After all everyone loves thoughtful handmade gifts.

All you'll need is a tie (I picked one up for £1.50 from a charity shop so I wouldn't make the mistake of picking out my Dad's favourite!), scissors, needle and thread (the stitching won't be seen so choose any colour), unpicker, some sort of fastener (I've gone for stick-on velcro spots but you could sew on a popper) and one last thing, that I've forgotten to include in the image above, superglue.

And here's how to make it...
1. Cut the tie 40cm from the lower point on the tie
2. Unpick any labels or loops on the tie.
3. Unpicking undid the original stitching up the tie so if this is the case for you too, grab a needle and thread and start stitching up the middle. Ensure you are not going all the way through the tie as this tube is where your glasses will sit.
4. Stitch half way along the length of the tie. Do not worry about sewing neatly as this will be covered by folding over the second half of the tie.

 5. Cut at the half way point the interlining fabric
6. At the cut end of the tie, fold it over and sew across. This will not be seen so again do not worry about neatness. 
7. Fold the second half of the tie back on itself covering the middle stitching. Secure down using superglue. This is a bit of a cheat but much less fiddly than sewing!! 
8. Finally use Velcro spots to stuck in the appropriate places for the glasses case to close. If the adhesive back on the velcro spots is not great, use a bit of superglue for a helping hand.

Job done!

Give it a go! Lets us know how you get on. We love hearing from you.
We have a few more Father's Day gift and card ideas appearing on the blog soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Lots of love 
Kate xxx


  1. That is actually one of the cleverest things Ive seen in a long time, simply amazing! Im defiantly your new fan!

  2. Very cute! Was so lovely to meet you girls again last night! Hope to meet you lovelys again soon xxx


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