Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Leeds University Summer Ball: What We Wore

Graduation is creeping ever closer and we wanted to end in style at our University Summer Ball. Each year the University of Leeds transforms our campus and hosts the most opulent event of the summer. There were carousels and helter-skelters, roller discos and secret seasides, and best of all, big names including Rudimental and Greg James. We were so impressed with our boys, who well and truly got into the spirit of things by suiting up! Kate wore a navy blue flowery dress from Warehouse with black peep-toe midi heels. Em wore a mint green chiffon number from Zara with tan Topshop heels, and Ken wore a silver dress from Oh my love! with gold Topshop stilettos. This will probably be the last outfit post we do in our normal location, so we need to get hunting for new spots in all of our different home towns. Lots of people have asked us what we plan on doing about the blog soon as we are all going our different ways after university. 'Is it going to carry on? Will you all still be able to do it together?' And the answer is yes, TWB will continue as normal but just with a lot more Skyping! With us all living together for the past three years we have pretty much all merged into one person anyway, so creating things we all love seems to come pretty naturally to us.



  1. You all look fab and sounds like a great day! Hopefully the blog keeps up after you've all moved back home :)

    Charlotte xx

  2. The Summer Ball always sounds like such a fab night! You all look really lovely! xo

  3. You all look so lovely and I'm really glad that I found your blog thanks to the attention you've been getting following the Company award :) I adore all these crafty ideas that will be fun to try over the summer ! Can't wait to see how it all evolves once you ladies graduate :) xx

  4. You all look lovely! I particularly like Ken's dress, very pretty.

    Steph x

  5. Amazing dresses!

    Emma x


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