Tuesday, 25 June 2013

DIY Flower Headband inspired by The Dolly Rockers

Meet The Dolly Rockers...
(Left to right: Sophie, Luice and Daniele)

Not only are these lovely girls part of a British girl band, they also write a successful fashion blog www.thedollyrockers.com. The Clothes Show Live teamed up with Renault to put on flash-mob performances at the Westfield Shopping Centre to showcase highstreet fashion. The Dolly Rockers performed at the event and I was lucky enough to meet them and talk all things fashion and blogging. 
As you may know from our last post, we also caught up with them at The Clothes Show TV launch party. The girls adore fashion and each have their own unique styles which they share through their blog. We're obsessed with Daniele's floral headband collection (below) that she styled so well on both occasions...
These headbands are all over the highstreet at the minute and are a must-have to complete any festival summery outfit. In true TWB style, I've decided to save the pennies and have a go at making one of these headbands myself!

All you need is wired ribbon (often called Organza ribbon) that is around 38mm in width, plain alice band (I've gone for white but you could match it to your choice of ribbon colour), scissors and our beloved superglue.

And here's how to make beautiful flowers from your ribbon...

1. Cut approximately 30cm of ribbon. Along one length, poke the wire through from both ends and ruche up the the ribbon. 
2. Once you've gathered the ribbon as much as you can, twist the wire together to secure it in place.
3. Take one edge and fold it towards the centre.
4. Roll the ribbon to create a rose-like shape. 
5. and 6. Pinch the bottom together and use the wire to wrap around the bottom to hold the shape in place. Once you've created your rose-like flower, attach it to your alice band using superglue.
I've alternated cream then red flowers all the way across the band. To hide the wire bottom of the flowers, create smaller flowers with the ribbon to stick in all the spare corners. To make these smaller flowers, use approximately 15-20cm of ribbon and cut it down the centre. Follow the same method to create the flower shape as before.  It would seem that bigger is better for these floral headbands so dont hold back on the number of flowers you use. 

Flower Headband complete!

Pretty cute huh?! If only I was going to a festival to wear it to! Are you going to any this summer? 
Hope you enjoy this DIY inspired by The Dolly Rockers! Check out their fashion blog HERE, we're hooked!

Lots of love
Kate and The Dolly Rockers


  1. Such a lovely little DIY and the finished headband is gorgeous! So lucky you got to meet them :)


  2. This is so lovely! :)


  3. Fab little DIY, it looks great on you too! I really love the look of the floral crowns that are about recently, but none of them seem to suit me boo!

    Louise x

  4. I love the outfit of the one with the white dress and your diy came out great.



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