Sunday, 23 June 2013

Clothes Show TV Launch Party

This week we were lucky enough to receive an invite to attend the launch party of The Clothes Show TV...what lucky devils we are! Unfortunately Ken was unable to make it, but Kate and I made our way to the big smoke on thursday evening to the ever so stylish 'Embassy Mayfair' where the event was held. We had such a lovely time meeting fellow bloggers and chatting away all evening! 

The night kicked off with a performance from the beautiful ‘The Dolly Rockers’, and we managed to have a quick chat with the girls too! We are big fans of the girls style, if you’d like to find out more about them and their signature style head over to their blog here. We also have a DIY post on its way soon that will show you how to create your own 'The Dolly Rockers' inspired look yourself. Delicious cupcakes, canapes and drinks were provided all evening which kept us very happy of course, and we also had a great time in the 'megabooth' photobooth with the absolutely lovely girls from LONDONS CLOSETMY DAILY LONDON and ADORA MEHITABEL. Check them out! 

Clothes Show TV provides weekly updates from the world of style and showbiz. Celebrity news will be posted on a monday, fashion updates on a wednesday and hair and make-up advice and tutorials on a friday. So just by subscribing to the youtube channel  you can receive up-to-date fashion,  beauty, and showbiz news on a weekly basis. What’s not to like!? Check out the channel here.

(The Dolly Rockers)

(Kate with the lovely Shope and Shore from Londons Closet)

Thank you again to GoodResultsPR for the invite, and for putting on such an awesome event, we loved it! We cannot wait to see more from Clothes Show TV! 

Lots of Love, 


  1. Lovely photo's sounds like a fab event! xo

  2. Looks like heaps of fun! I've never heard of the Dolly Rockers before! :)

    joyjoii+ {food, fashion, lifestyle} 


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