Wednesday, 15 May 2013

DIY Paper Garland

After a long long week of horrible revision, I couldn't wait to make use of the short window of spare time I have between exams to get stuck into some crafting (after all we are up for a Company Award for Best Crafty Blog!). This garland, made from old magazines, was so easy to make and, even better, hardly any mess! It's a cute little make to inject some colour and fun into your home without costing a penny. You can use this technique and make a whole range of decorative pieces, it's so versatile. I've made smaller chains to have hanging down like a string of colourful hearts. This is a great DIY to recycle those old magazines that pile up collecting dust and put them to good use. Plus its really handy as the paper is already double sided so your garland is colourful inside and out!

All you need is a magazine, scissors and a stapler. (I think that's the shortest 'you will need' list I've ever written!)

And here's how to make it...

Cut your magazine into strips about an inch in width. Hold the bottom of two strips together and bend round each strip, in opposite directions, so the top meets the bottom. Staple together the bottom to fix the shape you've created. Repeat this process of creating a heart-like shape from two strips. Before stapling the bottom, place it in between the rounded top of the first shape. Position it nicely in place and staple. And that is it! Keep repeating this process of stapling the heart shape to the one below to build up your chain. 

Voila! An easy peasy make that looks so effective!

Why not make smaller chains and hang them in threes as an alternative decorative piece...

Hope you like this little make! Its definitely an easy, no-thinking-required, no-fuss task to do perhaps whilst unwinding in front of the telly.  

It's a busy time in the TWB household with exams and deadlines looming. Kendall has done an amazing job of holding down the fort blog wise whilst we've been chained to our desks for what feels like a lifetime. Feel so good to find a little extra time to do a blog post!

As you may or mot not already know, Trends With Benefits has been shortlisted for a Company Magazine for Best Crafty Blog! We are simply over the moon about this amazing news and cannot wait to attend the awards night which is only a couple of weeks away now! Thank you to everyone who voted and for your support. What an incredible way to end our final year of university!!

Lots of love 
Kate xxx


  1. This looks so easy to make, definitely going to make these when we move into our house in July!
    How have you stuck it to the wall? :)

    Charlotte and Tori xx

    1. Yes do! Let us know how it goes :)
      Its held up with pins. The paper just slots over the pins in between the staples.

      TWB xxx

  2. So quirky! I love it!

    Emma x

  3. I love these! They look really easy to make and look great, can't wait to try them out(: xo

  4. omg such a good idea! now i know what to do with my old magazines instead of throwing them into the bin! thanks :D

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