Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Most Important Meal of the Day!

A delicious breakfast is a favourite in the TWB house, so when Alpro got in touch with us and asked if we wanted to get involved with their #deskfest challenge, we were very excited! We were asked to create three new inspiring breakfasts that you can eat at your desk. For us university students, it is currently dissertation time, so we are up early and raring to go the library everyday, so a healthy, quick breakfast is essential for us. Our first creation was granola with Alpro's vanilla pouring yoghurt with chopped strawberries. I think this one was my favourite because of the creamy yoghurt. On Tuesday we made oats with almond milk and raspberries and banana. This was super filling and the almond milk gave it a subtle nutty taste. Alpro's almond milk is low in saturated fats (great news!) and a good source of calcium and vitamins, so they have all bases covered really! Our final creation was the banana, strawberry and almond milk smoothie - delicious! I also tried their Hazelnut drink by incorporating it into a hot chocolate. I mixed 2/3 hazelnut drink and 1/3 milk with cocoa powder and a sprinkle of marshmallows. The possibilities are endless! 
We have really enjoyed experimenting with new breakfast ideas! What is your favourite thing to have for breakfast? We love a bit of inspiration :)

Love TWB

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  1. French toast with maple syrup and crispy bacon is my Guides favourite breakfast at camp, especially as we cook it on an open fire!


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