Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Krispy Kreme Treats!

Our lovely friends at Krispy Kreme were kind enough to send us a selection of their new Chocomania collection for us to try. As I said in my previous post, I was on my own at uni last week so took my box of doughnuts around to my friend's house and shared them out with his housemates (I think I was quite popular that day!), I thought it would have been very greedy of me to polish off the whole box by myself, even though I would have given at a good go! Krispy Kreme's Chocomania collection is perfect for Easter and would make a nice alternative to a standard chocolate egg. 

The flavours in the Chocomania collection are: White Chocolate and Almond Praline which is filled with a deliciously rich praline cream, Cookie Crunch which is the original glazed doughnut topped with chocolate icing and crumbled cookie (this one was my favourite!), Chocolate Dreamcake is sumptuously rich and is filled with chocolate sauce and topped with chocolate icing, and finally the Chocolate Praline Fudge Cake is a soft chocolate cake-like doughnut dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with hazelnuts! Amazing. Thank you Krispy Kreme for helping me through my lonely week of dissertation writing. Chocolate always makes things better! 

Has anyone else tried the new collection? Which one is your favourite?
Love Kendall

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