Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Cupcakes and Binoculars

This week Em and Kate left for an Easter break at home, so I have been left here without my girls. HUGE SAD FACE! However, it has given me plenty of time to dedicate to writing my dissertation, and inevitably, to procrastinate. My procrastination this week has taken the form of baking! On Sunday I made a batch of vanilla cupcakes with a raspberry and cream cheese frosting, they were really delicious and seem to be vanishing very quickly (not surprising soon as it's only me and the boys left in the house now!). 
I have also been loving my necklace from LucesLustfulLucidity recently, she has loads of lovely items all for under £10, so go and give her lovely site a visit.

What have you all been doing this week? Anyone baked anything nice recently? If you have, leave a link below and we will go and check it out, we love cooking inspiration :)  
Lots of love,
Ken x


  1. I gave these a bash but the Party House oven isn't particularly good (and neither is my Dutch recipe translation!). Those cupcakes look amazing! xxxxxxxxx


  2. The cake looks so yummy!

    Emma x

  3. That cake makes me so hungry !

    Lovely blog :)


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