Wednesday, 30 January 2013

DIY: Party Banner

Last weekend Kendall and Emily celebrated their 21st birthdays with a good old birthday bash at our humble abode!
We've seen a lot of birthday and party banners around recently, and thought it would be funny to make one of our own specially for the occasion! It's a bit of a in- joke with our Uni clan, but thats why we love it! It's so great because by making your own banner, as well as saving the pennies, you can make it personal!

We had a great time making this banner so thought we'd share it with you all just as a little bit of party inspiration. All you will need to make your own banner is: coloured card, scissors, a ruler, a pencil and a selection of paper fasteners.

Firstly decide on a size for the height, width and length for the lettering so that they remain consistent, each of our letters was roughly 15x15cm and 3cm thick. Draw out each of your letters, and cut out. In order to fasten the letters together we then used paper fasteners with a roughly 2cm wide strip of coloured card behind each of the letters.

Why not give it a go?... Perfect for a party!
Lots of Love

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