Monday, 28 January 2013

DIY: Knitted Mug Warmers

All this snow surely calls for many a cup of tea, hot chocolate or a steaming cup of coffee, snuggled up in a heap of blankets.

Here's a little DIY make, perfect for winter: knitted mug warmers. So snuggly and cosy. They make a great gift too because they can be personalised with messages, names, favourite colours and designs! 

(these lovely pictures are taken from pinterest)

We adapted the DIY snood tutorial to make this lovely mug warmer. The finger knitted noodle was about an arms length and folded into 3 equal lengths before being stitched together.

Take a look back here for instructions on how to finger knit. I followed the exact same process for this mug warmer just on a mini scale! Easy peasy!


So pop the kettle on, snuggle up with your favourite film or a lovely book and enjoy...

Let us know how it goes, we love hearing from you!

Lots of Love, 
TWB xx


We LOVE hearing from you! Thank you for your wonderful words :)