Monday, 17 December 2012

The 12 Days of Christmas!

We were kindly asked by Simply Homemade to create a guest blog post for them based on one of the days of the 12 Days of Christmas. A different blogger has done each day, so when we were asked which day we would like we went for 8 Maids are Milking. We have made this cute little maid-style apron which would be great for a Christmas present or to keep for your self and wear on the big day! We have given very basic instructions, so you can take the idea and make it your own. You can use whatever material you fancy and embellish with all the sparkly goodies you have in your craft box! We really hope you enjoy this themed DIY. To find out how to make our apron head over to Simply Homemade's blog for instructions and some more pictures. To see the next instalment of the 12 Days of Christmas and how to make a 9 Ladies Dancing themed DIY head over to see Kirsty at The Little Floating Craft Company tomorrow. 
Love TWB

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  1. ah what a cute idea.



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