Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Present Wrapping Inspiration

One of the things we really love about Christmas time is getting to spend an afternoon watching Christmas films and wrapping presents! It may sometimes seem like a bit of a chore, but we've found a few lovely, creative wrapping ideas to provide you with a little bit of inspiration to make your wrapping a little more fun and arty! 

(These lovely photos were taken from Pinterest)

1. Instead of making name tag's, why not use lovely black and white photos? Stick them on the paper, or use them as tags. It might also be a funny idea to use a sharpie and add silly festive doodles to peoples pictures! (Santa hats or reindeer antlers for example)
2.  Use candy canes to jazz up your wrapping. Pretty and tasty! 
3&4. Sometimes the simplest of ideas are the most effective. Using plain brown paper is so effective because you can spice it up with ribbon, doileys, string....anything really! You can even make your own wrapping paper by using a stencil on brown paper. Simply cut out a stencil, maybe a christmas tree silhouette, star silhouettes or a reindeer silhouette for example. You can then use spray paint to repeat the pattern all over the paper. 
Alternatively, why not use a silver, black or gold pen to write the lyrics or your favourite christmas song all over the paper! By making your own paper in this way it will also save on the pennies!!
5. A really love this idea! Who wouldn't love waking up to a present snowman on Christmas day!? A lovely, unique way of wrapping kids presents. All you'll need to do is wrap the presents in white paper, cut out several black circles for the buttons and eyes (or simply use a marker pen to draw these on), and add a orange paper cone for the nose. So simple! Im sure this will bring a smile to any child's face on Christmas morning. (although i'd even love this under the tree myself!) 
6. A really simple way of jazzing up plain brown paper: simply cut out a snowflake shape onto card, and wrap with string. 
7. I really like the idea of using sprigs of holly, mistletoe or Christmas tree tied on with string. So simple yet so effective!

I hope this post has provided you with some inspiration! Hopefully these ideas will save you a little bit of money, and i'm sure whoever receives your gifts this Christmas will really appreciate the extra bit of effort and creativity when they receive these pretty personalised parcels. 


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