Sunday, 30 December 2012

DIY Glitter Globe

This Christmas I have been reminiscing a lot about childhood memories, and one of my favourite Christmas decorations was always the snow globes. They would provide hours of entertainment for my younger self, and I thought I would really love to make my own. When I was looking for some inspiration for what to put inside of my snow globe, I came across that beautiful ring (above) with the eiffel tower in. I went to Paris at Christmas about 2 years ago and brought home about 5 of the eiffel tower key rings! So, that is what I have put into my glitter globe. I thought it was not too Christmassy so I can have it out on show all year, and it holds a lot of fond memories for me too. 

You Will Need:
A clean jam jar with a secure lid.
Distilled water (I got mine from Halfords)
Glycerin (You can pick it up from chemists)
Super Glue
And a figurine, or something to put inside.

Step 1: Stick your figurine to the inside of your jam jar lid using the super glue. I found when I placed my figurine inside most of it was covered by the twist in the jar neck, so I decided to glue the eiffel tower to a gold bottle top fist to give it some height, and then stick that to the jar lid. Leave to dry completely.
Step 2: Pour your distilled water into the jam jar, leaving about 1cm gap at the top. Add about a teaspoon of glycerin and as much glitter as you desire. The glycerin is the agent that will make your glitter float slowly. 
Step 3: Screw the lid onto your jam jar and turn upside down.

And there you have it! A simple and effective ornament that could be given as a gift or used to preserve your favourite memories.
Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial :)
Love Ken 


  1. That's so clever! I'm definitely going to try this out!
    Georgia xx

  2. Just spotted this one, going to do it with my Guides next term, they will love it!


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