Friday, 9 November 2012

Elemis Bliss

Elemis, I wish I had been introduced to this brand earlier! Their products have worked wonders for my skin and now are a vital part of my beauty regime. I discovered them last month as 2 of their wonderful products were in our Cosmo goodie bag. They’re both part of the Fresh Skin range formulated especially for us “inbetweeners” -  the age group between the teens and mid twenties.

Every now and then I get quite dry skin on my forehead, especially in these winter months, and I find it difficult to apply any sort of make up. However Elemis Fresh skin Softly softly daily moisturiser has solved all my problems! Its almost foam-like so feels ultra light on your skin. It absorbs instantly leaving a lovely smooth canvas for you to apply your make up. It’s made to be non-greasy so it doesn’t encourage spots at all or leave you looking shiny, just glowing!  This product is enriched with seaweed extract as well as rosehip seed  and almond oil to make your skin extra soft, smooth and radiant.
Now this is a bit of a treat for us students at £20, maybe put it on your Christmas list. On the plus side you only really need pea sized amount at a time so it will last you ages! Click here to add it to your beauty bag.

Skin Clear Purifying Face Wash is another gorgeous product by Elemis as part of their Fresh skin range. Its packed with anti-blemish ingredients and antiseptic properties to detox your skin and promote healthy cell growth. This face wash also gently exfoliates to clean out those pores. It foams up really easily when you massage over the skin and smells amazing too! I love this face wash, my skin always feels so fresh and soft straight after using it and I definitely feel like I have much clearer and less patchy skin. This product is more within our price range at £12. Click here to find it.

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