Tuesday, 20 November 2012

DIY 'Under Collar' Necklace

Top left to bottom right: Asos, Miss Selfridge, Asos, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Topshop

These gorgeous under collar necklaces are popping up in all the shops at the moment. I was desperate to get my hands on one but sometimes the cash just doesn't stretch far enough, especially leading up to Christmas. So it gave me the inspiration to rummage through my beading boxes and have a stab at making one myself!   

Clear fishing wire, 30-40 long gold beads (depending on how long you would like your necklace), clear or white round beads, 2 beading crimps, 1 spring ring clasp, 2 clam shell covers, round nose and flat nosed pliers and scissors. These more technical bits and bobs you can nearly always find in local haberdashery shops.

Step 1: Cut 3 strands of fishing wire about 40cm long. Thread on a clam shell cover followed by a bead then a crimp. Using the flat nosed pillars, squash the crimp so it holds all 3 strands and cut off the excess.

Step 2.Close the clam shell over the bead and crimp. Using the round nosed pliers, complete the loop on the top

Step 3: Thread the clear beads on all 3 strands, about 10cm worth.

Step 4: Next split up the 3 stands. Thread 10 of the long gold beads on the top wire, 12 on the middle wire and 14 on the bottom. Feel free to add 2 larger beads before splitting off into 3 strands and after. 

Step 5: Continue the necklace by adding more clear beads. Make sure the amount of beads used matches the amount previously used for a symmetric shape.

Step 6: To finish your necklace, add the second clam shell cover followed by another bead and a crimp. Squash the crimp, cut the excess wire and close the clam shell

Step 7: Attach the clasp to the clam shell loops using the round nose pliers. 

Job done!

Definitely worth saving the pennies and making one myself! I'm really pleased with how it sits and it looks great without a collar too. What do you think? 

Lots of love
 Kate xxx


  1. this is so flippin' impressive! I love the slightly more delicate style of yours compared with the high street alternatives, it's a lot more simplye and easy to wear yet still in keeping with 'the trend' (cringe), lovely post

    1. Thank you so much! What a lovely comment :) I think so too, its not as bold so you could wear it with more outfits! xxx


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