Saturday, 24 November 2012

DIY Hand Warmers

A little DIY, perfect for winter!! 

These snuggley hand warmers really are so easy to make, and you probably have everything you need lying around the house! They'll make lovely little christmas gifts or stocking fillers too because you can easily customise them by embroidering someones name or 'Merry Christmas' into the material before you make it! 

You will need: 

-Scrap material; cotton or felt will work best. 
-Marker pen 
-Needle & Thread 
-Sewing Machine 

How to: 

1. I chose to make a heart shaped hand warmer, and so made a paper template before I cut out the shapes, just to make sure that they ended up even! You may want to make a star, circle, or square shape? Anything you fancy really! (It may even be nice to make a stocking shape- perfect for christmas time!). Using your marker pen, draw out two shapes. 
2. Cut out. 
3. Pin both pieces together. If your material only has a pattern on one side, make sure you pin it with the pattern facing inwards. 
4. Using a sewing machine, sew together the 2 pieces roughly 1cm from the edge. Make sure you leave  a gap (roughly 2cm wide) at some point- to add the rice! 
5. Using the gap, turn inside out. This will hide the stitching and leave a clean edge. 
6. Fill with rice! (Its a bit fiddley so I made a paper funnel and spooned in the rice. Finally, pin together the gap and hand stitch. 

Easy Peasy!! 

To use, warm in the microwave for just 15-20 seconds. 

Hope you like this wintery DIY! We'd love to hear how you get on with yours!
Lots of Love
Em xx


  1. what a nice idea - easy to make with stuff you probably have at home already!

  2. could you heat it on a stove(in a pan) or in the oven? or is microwaving it the only way?

    1. It would have to be the microwave, I think. Otherwise the material would burn. x

    2. Yes, but white rice works best. :) Hope this helped.


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