Monday, 15 October 2012

Manicure Monday

After absolutely loving Stargazer's aqua nail varnish that I tested out a few weeks ago, this week I was lucky enough to try their Cyber Manicure set. It's a bit of a twist on the classic French Manicure using a silver chrome colour for the tips! 


Here's our step by step guide to get the perfect french manicure:

Step 1: Give your nails a file to give a lovely even shape and push down your cuticles.
Step 2:  Apply the pink base colour and leave to dry completely. I did 2 coats to give a smooth opaque finish.
Step 3: Use a small piece of masking tape for each nail (or special stickers that the pack actually does come with - I'm an absolute doughnut for not realising this!!!). Reduce it's stickiness by sticking it to the back of your hand a few times. This ensures that it won't take off the base coat. Place the edge at the curve of the finger tip to give a neat finish
Step 4: Apply the silver chrome varnish to the tip and leave to dry.
Step 5: Touch up the corners to give a more curved shape either with a the brush or a cocktail stick.
Step 6: Use the clear top coat to give a shiny glossy look and to prevent chipping. 

This is a really effective twist on a classic elegant look. I love how using the chrome colour gives your nails a little bit of sparkle. I did find however that the chrome colour was quite thick and dried super quick when you applied it. This just made it quite tricky when you brush over to smooth out the colour, especially when doing the sides. The base coat is great, lovely full colour and easy to apply.

This is a new range by Stargazer and if you'd like to check out their other sets click here. Its an absolute bargain at £4! 

Enjoy! Lots of love 
Kate xxx


  1. I love the chrome tips!

    Kirstie - Weekend Toast

  2. looks amazing and I love the bottles! :D

  3. This is so pretty - I would have never thought of using metallics as a french tip. I am quite a fan of silver, especially in the Autumn so will have to give this a go. xx

  4. were i can find the chrome nail polish

    1. Star Gazer nail varnish is available in some boutiques. Probably best to either buy it from their online shop or find the nearest shop to you via their website
      Hope that helps! xx


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